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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Memorial Hall Nine Ways, "Blink" Cincinnati

Well, the main point was to go to “Fall Fiesta,” a fundraiser for Cooperative for Education.  I’ve written about COED in previous posts; the nonprofit is the engine behind the work we help with in Guatemala.

We had some time to spare, and it turns out that Southern Ohio is pretty interesting.

Music Hall and Luminarium.  "Blink" Cincinnati
Friday night, some local friends graciously showed us around the first annual “Blink,” a light show (though these words hardly encompass its scope) with installations all over metro Cincinnati.  It was an absolute zoo, but I did manage some photographs and had a great time.

Sunday my husband and I drove (and drove) East.  

Serpent's Mound
Serpent’s Mound is an ancient effigy; a snake sculpted from the earth about 2000 years ago.  The snake is 1300 feet long.  It’s a beautiful spot on a bluff.
Conkles Hollow

We had a lovely hike in Conkles Hollow Nature Preserve in gorgeous, filtered light.  

McClain High School
My Mom grew up in Greenfield Ohio, not too far from our trajectory, so we stopped to visit her (rather grand for a small town) alma mater, McClain High School.  The sign says, in part, “What’s in Greenfield? Well, principally there is the school.”
Eden Park View, Cincinnati

Downtown Library View
Our flight Monday was late in the day, so we explored Cincinnati a bit, with breakfast at Taste of Belgium, an exploration of Eden Park with its stellar views, and a stop at the downtown Library for the kind of browse that’s always fun and that we never seem to have time for at home.  Oh, and the view.

Chicago view, courtesy of Southwest Airlines
As if that wasn’t enough fun, there was a breathtaking view of Chicago at dusk on final approach to Midway.

My family thinks I can’t do cities, but I can.  I swear.

More images are in the "More Places" Gallery on the website on the website.

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