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Monday, July 25, 2022

Dog Week

Summer Flowers at the Upper Provo River Utah

I’m amazed to think how many times we’ve been to Park City in the last 20 years.  We thought we had the summer trips down; hiking, dining, outdoor concerts at Deer Valley, shopping (ask me about the best thrift shop ever) and now my husband is a fly fisherman.


Then this year we decided to bring the dog.  We love her, hate to leave her home if we can help it, and its so dog-friendly they call it Bark City.

So, we had an entirely different kind of trip.  We found a rental condo that allowed our dog and reimagined the week.

Cascade, Upper Provo River Utah

Every morning we were up before sunrise to hike or to drive into the Uinta Mountains where Marco could fish the Upper Provo River, which is also photogenic and (at least early in the morning on weekdays) where solitude is available.  Gypsy could enjoy the woods without bothering anyone, even as we train her to have good fishing manners like limiting her splashing to downstream of the fishing hole and occasionally even sitting quietly on shore.

Columbine, S-Curve, and Marco.  Upper Provo River Utah

I continue to work on a portfolio of fishing images and on each of us doing our thing without driving the other nuts. And watching the dog.

We made it to just one restaurant, feeling fortunate that one of our favorites has an outside patio for the girl.  Otherwise, it was all groceries, except for the corn dog food truck, a guilty pleasure.

By early afternoon we were back at the rental, and I was processing images with HGTV (another guilty pleasure) playing in the background.  Then a nap before our daily evening walk to the dog park.  I have mixed feelings about these places, and there were a few dog bullies, but Gypsy did have a chance to run full speed and play other dog games.

Dog week, indeed.

More images are on the website, in the Summer 2022 Gallery.

Friday, July 15, 2022



Dorky Selfie in the Waders

It’s not really all about the waders, but I was excited to try them out. I’ve been talking about getting them forever, but an upcoming trip to photograph in a swamp was the nudge I needed to do it. As David Kingham says, it was time to “Go all in.” The AZ Flyshop fixed me up perfectly!


The view from the end of the road, the edge of the Mogollon Rim

I practically had to use a crowbar to find time on the calendar to shoot images from the Mogollon Rim to submit to Arizona Highways Magazine.  I told Jeff Kida, the photo editor, that there was no hardship though, because I’m always thrilled to have quiet time in nature, and this road through Rim Country is a favorite.  I had a few to send from the archives, but there were a couple of good locations missing.  A good excuse.


Reflections in East Clear Creek

I was lucky.  There were thunderstorms, lovely clouds and reflections.  I also consider myself lucky to have dropped nothing in the creek while sloshing around in my (Herman Munster) wading boots.


Camp among the giants

I was lucky, too, to have quiet campsites and to see almost no one in my three days camping.


TEOE Guatemala Exchange exhibit

On the way home I stopped to tweak the TEOE Guatemala Exhibit, hanging now at Phoenix’s Burton Barr (main downtown) Library.  More on that later, but save the date for the reception there September 2 to coincide with Phoenix First Friday Art Walk.  It’s hot in Phoenix in July.  I’ll just say that the temperature drop between there and home that afternoon was almost 40 degrees.

I many ways, it was great to be home.

There’s more in the Summer 2022 Gallery on the website.