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Monday, September 17, 2018

Country Fair

Country Fair, Peeples Valley Arizona
Well, there’s been an awful lot going on, but most of it is not particularly bloggable, or photogenic.

As many of you know, I sit on the board of the Yarnell Regional Community Center.  We administer Meals on Wheels and other programs in our rural area. On Saturday we held our annual “Country Fair” fundraiser which is goofy and corny and just perfect for our little communities. 

I was asked to be the event photographer.  Of course, I’m mostly a horse of a different color, shooting the natural world and travel.  Frankly I was a bit concerned about the bright, harsh light and that thing about events where you either catch the moment or it’s gone forever. This is why I don’t love to shoot weddings. I really didn’t want to say no, though, so off I went.

Board Members, YRCC
My saving grace was the plethora of shade structures we put up Friday night.  The white ones, at least, act as giant neutral diffusers and lend a lovely flattering light.  Whenever I could, I photographed people under the cover of these, avoiding the blue-roofed ones.

Firefighter's Relay

Sometimes it’s just dumb luck.  We had to cut the Firefighter relays short because one of the departments had a call.  The whole event lasted 15 seconds; no kidding.  Its just dumb luck that, shooting from the hip while essentially running into place, I got one shot that I like.  For next year, I need to coordinate better with the emcee. 

Fortune teller and his human
The caped crusader rode in

Silly hats, drumming and other hands-on music, Costumes (hat contest, Batman, a fortune teller, a hot dog) cookie decorating and slop painting (just a few examples) ultimately made the event much more photogenic than I’d expected.

Blue Ridge Reservoir, Coconino National Forest Arizona

And, last week I paddled Blue Ridge Reservoir; my last chance before it closes for the season. 

Other than that, I’m just gearing up for a busy October; lots of interesting travel to revel in the coming of autumn, a particular joy for desert dwellers.