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Rebecca Wilks; Photographer, Teacher, Yarnellian, Do-Gooder

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It Keeps Me Off the Streets

I'm much happier when I have a job, not unlike my herding dog.  Photographically I call them "projects."

Often the projects are about ephemeral, seasonal events like a snowstorm or Spring bloom.  Sometimes they're more about unfinished business.

Last week I started working on images of the Phoenix Skyline.  This one is what Jerry Dodrill calls "sketching," which is a polite way to say that my business is still unfinished.  I like it OK, especially the predawn color gradient in the sky which we call earth shadow, but I'll keep working on this.  I'm imagining a fabulous August Sky, or perhaps a silhouetted skyline at sunset.
Another project in the works has to do with the annual return of the Turkey Vultures to Yarnell.  I know, they're perhaps the least glamorous of the flying migrations.  It's tough to compete with swallows or Monarch Butterflies.  For the sake of local promotion I hike to my cliffside perch and settle into my chair blind before dawn. 

If I'm honest, I'll tell you that I'm having fun.

And I've got a Project.