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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

There is Medicine in Them.

Original Art, Dr Steven Aung
Last weekend I enjoyed the 26th Annual Symposium of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture in Denver.  It’s a medical conference, yes, but it includes Qigong and meditation alongside neuroscience and pain medicine.  We’re a little different from your average MDs and DOs.

I always enjoy the opportunity to hear from Dr. StevenAung.  Among many other things, this open-hearted doctor is a Canadian practitioner and teacher of Chinese Medicine and an artist.  He says that people sometimes ask him how his calligraphic pieces fit with his passion for healing and for treating his patients with “loving compassion.”

With characteristic simplicity, he says, “there’s medicine in them.”

There was such resonance for me in that revelation.  I’ve been gradually doing more photography over the years and have been thinking about how this work meshes with my identity as a healer.  I’d heard a similar sentiment from two dear friends  (you know who you are), so Dr. Aung’s words reverberated for me.

One of my heartfelt goals has always been to use my images to convey emotion.  Perhaps offering good “medicine” is just the next step along that continuum.

Like my acupuncture practice, I learn at least as much from my photography clients and students as I teach.
Dr Aung made this piece for me at another symposium.  It hangs on the office wall, and means even more to me now.
Chess Players,16th Street Mall, Denver City Center
 Of course, I did wander the streets in Denver City Center when I had the chance.

Retro Detail, Denver City Center
Thanks for sampling a bit of the “Medicine.”  I’m sending you blessings.