Rebecca Wilks

Rebecca Wilks; Photographer, Teacher, Yarnellian, Do-Gooder

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My brother laughs at me.  It's been a long time since he moved away from the Southern California desert.  Rainfall and the extreme greens of spring are ingrained for him.  When I visit him in Ithaca, New York (in spring and summer; I'm no fool!) I always marvel at the bright greens and all the water.

So he laughs.

Ithaca and the surrounding forests are a paradise of green, streams, and waterfall-strewn shale gorges. I could hardly contain myself, especially with the guidance of  25-year locals to help me find the best spots.

Our brains respond to contrasts.  In images we are attracted to old and new, hard and soft, lines and curves.  In Ithaca I was sparked by all of the wet, green, angular scenery which is so different from the Desert Southwest which is my home.

I've got to go back in the Fall!

More images of Ithaca and Western New York are on the website.