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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Love in the Time of Covid 4; Groundhog Day

Wabi Sabi Lupine, Reflected
You remember the movie, right?  Bill Murray; every day the same.

It’s a real danger in these times and not so good for our (ahem) mental health.  We need some variety, some metal challenges, and some things to look forward to.  Friends are making quilts and bread, sharing music, and digging through archives (read: clutter) of all kinds.  We’re all working on it.

As for me (wait for it…) I’m doing some photography stuff.  I told you about the Out of Chicago Live virtual photography conference.  I’m still watching videos of sessions I missed, getting ideas and technical guidance.  Lots of this stuff will have to wait for winter, and for a chance to get safely out into the world.
Final Resting Place, Peeples Valley AZ
There have been a few shoots out in the world.  I particularly enjoyed a trip to a local cemetery to shoot a grave that I saw from the highway during a bike outing. There were beer cans all around the fence. I think I would have enjoyed meeting this cowboy.

Mostly, though, I’ve been shooting found objects in a little tabletop studio.  With guidance from some of the speakers at the conference, I’m now the proud owner of a convoy UV light, a platypod max bundle, various clamps, and a piece of black plexiglass.
I’ve also become a collector of stuff, from 45 caliber casings I picked up as litter to skulls borrowed from a friend.
Alligator Snapping Turtle Skull, UV Light
About skulls, I have two observations.  They fluoresce a bit under UV light (cool), and (judging from reactions on social media and my Mom’s thoughts) people are not into skull photos.  To each their own, I think they’re positively elegant. As Charlotte Gibb says, I’m “not responsible for how people respond to [my] photos.”
Backlight + Store-bought flowers
And no tabletop session would be complete without images of flowers.  Clich├ęs exist for a reason.

If I keep learning, tomorrow will not be Groundhog Day.

More odd images are in the Spring 2020 Gallery on the website.