Rebecca Wilks

Rebecca Wilks; Photographer, Teacher, Yarnellian, Do-Gooder

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter Into Spring

Things move fast here in Arizona.  I suppose  when you have a 6-month summer, the rest of the seasons have to get compressed.

The snowstorm which will probably be our last this year came through the North Country of Arizona March 9.  Watson Lake in Prescott was magical at sunrise, and my husband, dog, and I had the place to ourselves.  The humans were fully bundled in winter gear.  The dog was having too much fun to be cold.  Watson's great granite boulders looked sugar-frosted and the vegetation was softened by the snowstorm.

Two days later I was at Lake Pleasant, engulfed in a sea of Mexican Gold Poppies and lupine, and in short sleeves.  The blooms are ephemeral in the desert, so I've been scampering to one place and another while they last.  A poet would point out that, like life itself, the flowers' transient nature multiplies their value.   
As for me, I just enjoy a pretty picture.

Here's wishing you a joyous spring!