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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Back to Caddo


Reflections, Caddo Lake State Park, Texas

Perhaps I felt I had unfinished business in the bayous of East Texas, or maybe I just relished the opportunity to spend time with these two lovely friends. Normal girlfriends do spa days and shopping, but we prefer pulling on waders and paddling kayaks in the pre-dawn dark.  That sounds great, right?

 Caddo Lake, which straddles the Texas -Louisiana border, has become popular with photographers in recent years.  At the suggestion of Christie at River Bend Outfitters, we booked a week earlier than usual this year and found that we were almost always alone. What a joy!


Framed, Benton Lake, Texas

I found myself in search of new ways of looking at the breathtaking Spanish moss - draped cypress trees, hoping to create some original work.  Some of my ideas required fog (mist in East Texas vernacular), and in its absence during this unseasonably warm week I tried other things.


Wider perspective, Pine Island Pond Texas

I pulled out the wide angle lens a bit and did some different compositions.


Green Tree Frog, Star Ranch, Texas

When it was deeply overcast we all focused on details.  I’m often too impatient for wildlife photography, but the green tree frogs were kind enough to be still for me.


Detail, Turtle Shell Paddling Area, Texas

Sometimes there are small subjects that convey mood, like this lone hydrophobic water lily leaf.


Pine Island Pond, Texas

Reflections of the trees in the water can be spectacular, but sometimes distracting flotsam intrudes.  I hated to be repetitive as well, so I found myself looking for other foregrounds, like lily pads and these tiny floating heart flowers.  Unfortunately, they’re invasive in Texas.  I was willing to forgive them and was enchanted.


Pine Island Pond, Texas

Any excuse will do for black and white images, but the drama of the swamps suits particularly well.

 I think I might just return to the swamp before too long.

 There’s more in the Autumn 2023 Gallery on the website.

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