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Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Rest of April


Peeples Valley Arizona

Well, I’ve been flying the drone.  I’m fascinated by the possibilities that come up with a different perspective.  The only real frustration is that there are so many rules.  No flying directly over people or moving vehicles, no flying in National Parks, and all the regulations around airspace.  But I still have a huge grin when I fly.


Walnut Grove Arizona

The high viewpoint makes me newly enthusiastic about places I’ve shot frequently, like the bright green cottonwoods near home.


Valley of the Gods, Utah

San Juan River

We had a road trip to southern Utah recently, and the aircraft gave a much more interesting view of some places which are difficult to shoot well from the ground like the entrenched meanders of the San Juan River (shot from outside Goosenecks Sate Park), the Moki Dugway, and Valley of the Gods.



Even more challenging to shoot well from the ground is a lovely bit of private property which belongs to some friends nearby.  I’ve tried many times.  So far this drone shot of their labyrinth is the one I like the best.

Great Horned Owlet, Peeples Valley Arizona

Not with the drone, but off the ground, I’ve been sitting on a friend’s roof in Peeples Valley intermittently to spy on some Great Horned Owlets.  My 5-10 approach shoes with the sticky soles (I call them slick rock shoes) have saved my butt up there.

I’m working on a couple of wish lists, one for drone shots and one with great places for the whole family to visit; BLM land for Gypsy the Dog and for the drone, fishy for my husband the angler, and beautiful for everyone.  Suggestions are appreciated.  I’ll report on my progress as the summer goes along.

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