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Friday, November 20, 2020

Not Entirely Lazy


Patagonia Lake, Arizona

Maybe you’ve been wondering whether I’ve been shooting lately?

Mostly, I’ve been fitting in photography between other stuff I wanted or needed to do.

Storm over the North Rim, Grand Canyon

My husband and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.  Each of us thinks the other deserves a medal (as my Mom like to say), which I suppose suggests we’re doing OK.  We splurged and rented one of the Grand Canyon view rooms at the El Tovar Hotel for a couple of nights.  As if that were not enough, there was a lovely storm at sunset on the first evening.  That’s a real gift for a photographer.

Watson Lake, Prescott Arizona

I live about an hour from Trader Joe’s in Prescott (I’m a proud fan girl), so I try to do other things as well as the shopping when I’m there.  In the warm weather I kayak, but it’s gotten to be cool enough to be more like hiking weather.  One November day I was blessed with a couple of moments of inspiration at Watson Lake and Watson Woods. 

Gypsy the wonder dog

Friend and mentor Colleen Miniuk is an idea person.  She put together a photo scavenger hunt (more on such projects in my next blog) which included a category called “alive.”  What a great excuse to do action shots of the pup. 


Patagonia Lake, Arizona

Finally, I’m just back from a (mostly) group camping trip with friends in Southern Arizona.  We started at Patagonia Lake State Park, a first for me.  The place was packed to the gills (not the nature experience) but lovely and I could launch the kayak from the Campsite.

Tumacacori Mountain Sunrise

We had the pleasure of a nice quiet spot in the forest on the way home and got the crowds out of our systems. Gypsy was particularly happy that she was off the leash for the first time in 3 days.

It seems there’s always a reason to bring a camera.


  1. Sacrilege! No reason to bring a camera? but that is why we have our 'brain film'