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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Regresé a Parker

Mojave Desert, California
OK, sorry.  I’m brushing up on my Spanish language skills.  Some Guatemalan friends are coming for a couple of weeks.  But more on that in a later post.

In English, “I returned to Parker,” The Arizona town on the Colorado River. 

The alarm went off at 3:30 AM (I had to set it manually because Siri insisted on 3:30 PM).  I hit the road at 4:00 and got to the flowers, just a bit outside town, in plenty of time for sunrise.  I shot there for a couple of hours and was home before 11:00.

Dune Flowers, Near Parker Arizona

A five-hour round-trip for flowers.  Even I thought the idea was a little crazy, but I knew that if I didn’t I’d probably regret it.

Desert Gold Blooming, Mojave Desert California

Two days earlier I’d driven back from a couple of nights desert camping in California.  There was quite a bloom going on there, too.

I saw this spot from the road, pulled an excited u-turn, and made some images.  Unfortunately it was mid-day and sunny, so the light was harsh.  I carry a portable diffuser (a translucent white disk) which allowed me to modify the light to photograph small areas. Wider shots which included the sky weren’t working for me, though.  I wanted to get back for that, but I’d have to be quick; spring flowers are ephemeral around here.

Primrose and Verbena, Near Parker Arizona

It was lovely, if a bit overcast for my taste (something can always be better, you know.)  Birdcage Evening Primrose (the white flower) and Desert Sand Verbena (the purple one) often grow together in sandy places.  In good years like this one, they grow in profusion. As if their sheer beauty wasn’t enough, the verbena’s scent is intoxicating.

Desert Lily, Near Parker Arizona

There were even a few Desert Lilies, a particularly elegant flower that also favors dunes.

I’m playing catch-up now, paying for the time on the road, but without regrets.

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