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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Black & White Week

Valley of the Gods, UT
I’m just back from the 14th annual and penultimate Moab Photo Symposium.  I’ve been a little late to the party, as last year was my first Symposium. This round I was equally impressed with Bruce Hucko and crew’s creation of an inspirational experience in a family atmosphere.  

This year’s theme, Black and White.

Telephoto Detail, Canyonlands National Park
Here are some thoughts on the subject from the event’s presenters.  These remarks and the accompanying images were impetus for me to do a bit more greyscale work than usual.

Chuck Kimmerle:  For some, B & W is the only language, and color is merely a distraction.

Guy Tal: For others, B & W is one dialect of the visual language.

Bruce Barnbaum: B & W is a step toward abstraction, Meaning (I intuit) a removal of one of the literal aspects.

Michael Gordon: You can do almost anything [processing] B & W, and it works.

Bruce Hucko: B & W images are uniquely beautiful to look at.

Muley Point; The view over the San Juan River to Monument Valley
I’d add that there’s a particular historical weight to these images, bringing to mind photography pioneers, as well as an emphasis on pattern and texture when the (indeed) distraction of color is removed.

Sometimes, for me, I render in Black and White simply because the color doesn’t contribute anything.

The preceding images are from last week in Southeastern Utah.  More, some in color, are In the Utah Gallery on the website.

Windy day at the Dunes
I was also inspired by the symposium to “Dumpster Dive” a bit more.  Here’s a re-worked image from Death Valley.

All the best to you in your desaturated adventures.