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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stealth Photobomber

Over the years I’ve had a number of great photographic opportunities present themselves through my husband Marco.  My first feature article was for Popular Woodworking Magazine, for example, and I’ve taught myself a whole lot about photographing shiny furniture.  Woodworking is his hobby.

Marco on camera
Professionally he does some impressive technical stuff that has mostly to do with surveying. The latest project is about creating topographic maps from aerial photographs, usually made from an unmanned helicopter or fixed wing “drone.”  It’s been given the unwieldy name “photogrammetry.”

Decisive moment; the launch of the photobomber
Yesterday he, together with a professional video company , made an introductory film about the process.  I was thrilled to come along.  We met at the Caterpillar Proving Grounds in Eloy, Arizona.  I made a number of behind the scenes images of the video production process, including the catapult-launch of an impressive fixed-wing aircraft I called the stealth photobomber.  Somehow no one laughed as loud as I did at my little joke.  

I do hope that these images are helpful in promoting the project, whether in the video or elsewhere, but most of my enthusiasm lies with a side project.  I had an hour or so to wander around the huge facility with my camera and appreciate the industrial beauty of these utilitarian machines.  

Excavator as art
I need to step out of my routine sometimes in order to look at things another way, and this was a rare opportunity.  

For now, I hope you enjoy the diversion.  Before long we’ll return to our regularly scheduled images of natural beauty.


  1. Rebecca, these pictures are stunning. I've been feeling the same way about branching out a little from sunset/sunrise-shots-in-the-desert-with-rocks-in-the-foreground-and-amazing-clouds-in-the-background. I've been doing some urban photo walks with a local group lately and just love it. It keeps the artistic side fresh and brings nature photography into perspective. I love how you've brought your landscape photography skills to the industrial world. Keep 'em coming!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Charlie. I'm glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the "yellow Iron." I'd love to see some of your photowalk work.