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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Boy Scout Tree Trail
 I’d been looking forward to visiting the California Coast Redwoods for some time.  I’d dreamed of fog in the groves and rhododendrons blooming everywhere.

Not so much.

I’ll spare you my eloquence about making lemonade.  I guess that’s what happened, but really, I can’t complain about (up to) 2,000 year-old majestic trees, pristine ferns, spring flowers, and the rugged Oregon coast.

Harris Beach (OR) Arch
These forests have been preserved through an energetic public-private partnership.  Over 95% of the original old-growth trees are said to have been lost to logging, so the protected areas are truly precious.

It was quite a privilege to experience this place.  I’ll be back, despite having inhaled a few mosquitoes.

More images from this trip are in the Northern California Gallery on the website

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