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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites, 2014

What a year.  I’m so pleased to have had the blessings of magical experiences, mentorship, and camaraderie (those last two are sometimes tough to distinguish) this year.  While I’m thrilled to have been included in a number of publications in 2014, the most satisfying one was the fundraising calendar I produced for the Peoria North Rotary Club.  I confess I’ve been putting this off for a couple of years but am so glad to report that it has exceeded expectations.  Thanks so much to all of you who bought, sold, or promoted it.  I’ve learned that the occasion to combine two passions is priceless (though the calendar was $15).


The snowpack in the west was dismal.  For the first time I can remember, Marco and I cancelled a ski trip and decided to do a road trip instead, to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.  It was cold.  There were frustrations, like icebergs in the slot canyons.  There was no one else around, though, so we had the peaceful escape we wanted.  Here’s sunrise behind the iconic Metate Arch.


Yeah.  This is a story, but I’ve told it elsewhere. The camper broke down in Death Valley.  I made this image just a few hours before that, when I thought I had 5 more days to shoot.  I’m not a very emotional person as a rule, but I ran the gamut that day.  This is Cow Creek Seep and sunrise on the Panamint Mountains.


An opportunity to shoot Lake Powell with Gary Ladd is always a gift.  It was tough to choose my favorite among the images from that trip, but I’m particularly thrilled that this one was published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine.  I love the curves here, and the hint at what has been hidden under water since Glen Canyon Dam was commissioned in 1963.


White Pocket, Paria Wilderness.  This place is becoming more popular, but the deep-sand road is doing a good job preventing it from being overwhelmed with visitors.  I introduced my husband and some friends to White Pocket this year.  I don’t think any of them were as thrilled as I.  Come to think of it, that happens a lot.


Grand Canyon by raft.  I know; again.  I’ve talked about this elsewhere, as well. Lest I duplicate images from that post, I’ve elected to share this (admittedly Georgia O’Keefe – ish) image of North Canyon.  The graphic quality and peacefulness of this grotto come right back when I look at this image.


Lake Tahoe.  Backlighted lupines at sunrise.  I’ll just say that I had a hard time getting my mojo on during the beginning of this trip.  This is the morning I found it, standing in the tall flowers and enjoying the light.


This trip marked the beginning of my fascination with the North Rim Grand Canyon Backcountry.  We had a spectacular monsoon season this year, and I love the way the sun broke out, just before setting, during this squall over the canyon.  I took this from the tip of Jumpup Point, a gorgeous place which requires an investment of time and tire tread to reach.


I ripped off this concept from Kerrick James, who was kind enough to share it with three of us during an epic day paddling the Colorado River below Hoover Dam.  I believe he coined the name “Emerald Cave.” This day is one of those lifelong memories.


My first autumn in Colorado, I was thrilled to be there for the season’s first snow.  I have never been the most graceful in any group, and managed to decorate myself with mud climbing to this vantage point (thanks, Jerry Dodrill).  Grand, flamboyant, cold.  What an afternoon.


Acadia.  Again.  This was another tough choice, but it conveys to me the feel of so many intimate vistas in this incredible park which has a bit of almost everything photographically.  I must be hooked, because I’m going back in winter. 


Havasupai.  I began to think I was the last Arizona photographer who had not been to this idyllic Grand Canyon tributary.  The turquoise is real.  The falls are real.  The hike (no cars) is no illusion either.  I so loved the foreground cascades with cottonwood leaves pasted under them that this image was a hands-down winner.  I’d love to go again, but perhaps by helicopter.


The holiday road trip has become a delightful tradition.  A week on the road with my husband and dog is a joy, and I have the honor of choosing the photogenic locations.  Valley of Fire (Nevada) State Park is a wonderland of rocks.  It can be crowded, but early mornings and off the road one can still find solitude.  I’ve just scratched the surface of this place.

I appreciate your interest and support through 2014 and hope to continue to connect with you next year.

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