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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Ephemeral sunrise light on the Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

I would have been driving home today.

I might have known.  This trip had undergone several transformations already.  I didn’t go to the Grand Canyon because I had been hoping for snow.  Two people who were planning to travel with me ultimately did not.  Still I had done my research and planned three nights in Death Valley National Park and Three in Valley of Fire (Nevada) State Park.

I had a chance to do one sunset and one sunrise shoot.  Then my truck wouldn’t start.  I’ll avoid laying out all of the details, but I bought it new nine months ago, it doesn’t seem to be any of the obvious stuff, and five days later the Toyota dealership in Las Vegas (a 160-mile tow) still doesn’t know what happened.

So I came home, after giving my beer and fresh produce to the nice man who works at the Stovepipe Wells store.  He let me use the phone, and gave me a list of towing companies, and lent moral support.

I don’t think I handle disappointment gracefully.  There’s really no way to talk about this without resorting to platitudes.  Some things we just can’t control.

Storm light at dawn, Watson Lake, Prescott AZ
I saw friends and enjoyed a couple of shoots near home; Jewel of the Creek Preserve in Cave Creek (AZ) and Watson Lake.  They were both spectacular and went a long way toward healing my wounds.

Thanks for visiting.  I wish you all only the very best behavior from your vehicles.

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