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Sunday, February 2, 2014


I’m not going to tell the story of the 3 ½ hour delay getting back in to the U.S. or the DOT inspector's declaration that we were the only bus passengers he’d ever seen who poured wine and margaritas waiting (outside the bus) for their inspection.  The real story is about changing lives.

This gentleman's kids were so pleased that he would be able to get around better.
Mainly, the trip was about providing wheelchairs to local folks who needed them.  We work with The Wheelchair Foundation.  I loved the chance to connect with folks.  One man had had a stroke and could only squeeze my hand and hug (I appreciated the hugs) as tears rolled down each of our faces.  Another, learning I was a doctor, wanted my thoughts on managing his diabetes so as to avoid losing the other leg.  There’s a chance to make a magical connection across cultures on this kind of trip which is indescribably inspiring.

Rotarians from two countries, students, and staff at Comunidad Down Siglo XXI
Our Rotary District is also working on a grant for a school for young people with Down Syndrome.  One of the vocational training projects that they do involves teaching the students to bake, working toward independence.  We, along with the local Hermosillo Pitic Rotary Club, are helping them to get better kitchen equipment to expand this program.  We were so grateful for the chance to visit the school and meet the students & staff.  

Students learning in the current, very small, kitchen
The Pitic Club members were fabulous hosts, from the lovely dinners to the tour of the City.  We especially enjoyed the students from the Bellas Artes after-school arts center in nearby Guaymas (another project supported by Rotary Clubs) who entertained us with dancing and mariachi music.

We saw lots of one-on-one teaching and positive reinforcement

I hope you can feel a bit of my inspiration, and maybe imagine a taste of the margarita….

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