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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chicken Soup Form Yarnell #3

This is the third in a periodic series inspired by the  six-month anniversary of the Yarnell Hill Fire.  My husband and I have a second home in Yarnell, and are moved by the cohesiveness of Yarnell and Peeples Valley and the small miracles we witness repeatedly as we rebuild.

This time, a Christmas Story.

Sally Dickman (Ms. Sally) taught resource students for 30 years. She'd been given some very special mementos over that time; one of the most treasured collections was Christmas ornaments from her students.

Sally and her partner Terri, Yarnell residents for 22 years, lost their home in the Yarnell Hill Fire last June, and among many things these special ornaments were destroyed.

Crystal Ogden manages the United Way Warehouse in Prescott which houses donations for fire victims (dubbed "Yarmart").  She was touched by Sally's loss and decided to do something about it.  Crystal contacted a Prescott teacher and students, who agreed to re-craft ornaments and participate in a surprise.  Terri convinced Sally to come to Prescott, a 45 minute drive from Yarnell, on a pretext.

Photo: AZ Central
AZ Central was there with cameras, and she was certainly surprised.

With some gifts,  the second time around is even more touching.

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