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Saturday, March 24, 2012


For those who don't live in Arizona, I should explain a bit.  We love our sunshine, but we also know that rain & snow are a gift.  We don't get much of it.

Last weekend, after a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather, we heard about a big storm coming in. My husband was tied up, but the dog and I were uncommitted, so we hit the road, circling up through Prescott, photographing Watson Lake and running joyously thought the snow barking.

We were headed for Yarnell, and I judged that the gentler route through Skull Valley and Peeples Valley might be a bit easier driving and more photogenic.  The moving storm gave me an outstanding brooding sky over snow-covered ranches.

There was more inspiration the next morning as the sky cleared; one last chance at the ephemeral March snow.

Check out the Winter Gallery on the Website if you are so inclined.

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