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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Los Angeles

Earth Shadow at Sunset, L.A. Skyline

Whenever I travel, even on family trips, I try to squeeze a photo opportunity in somewhere.

Even in Los Angeles, which is not known for its natural areas and solitude.

I’ve been doing Thanksgiving at home for 24 years.  After I met my husband, the holiday turned into a sit-down dinner for 20.  I’ll try to maintain my modesty as I say that we do a fabulous dinner.  I love to do it, too, as long as I remind myself that it only happens once a year.

This year, for family health reasons, we were in L.A. for Thanksgiving instead. As this is a photo blog, I’ll spare you tales of searching for brown sugar (no, it’s not brown sugar if it has Splenda in it…) and baking pans in my sister’s kitchen.

Pink Sunrise, Hollywood Hills
I'd researched places to shoot the downtown skyline but ultimately didn't find anything better than my sister's 25th - floor condo.  This shoot included a cushy armchair and hot tea, shooting in my jammies.

Crowds at Sunset, Griffith Park Observatory
I had one outing planned, but had forgotten what a truly large place L.A. is and how many people can converge in a single spot.  I have envisioned an image of the Griffith Park observatory with the city in the background.  After driving a mile or so away to park and climbing a steep muddy hill, I’ll just say I got skunked.  I included this snapshot to discourage the innocent from trying to catch sunset at the observatory. Perhaps I’ll try sunrise on another trip, once I’ve gotten over the trauma.

We did catch the new National Geographic exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography.  I was terrific.  I think.  I hope to give it another go and find out for sure when it’s not packed to the gills as well.

All in all, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  I hope your holiday season is shaping up as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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