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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cut to the Chase

West Fork Reflections

On the way to Sedona Tuesday for my regular dose of photo therapy, I heard an interview of Phil Jackson on our local NPR station.  Yes, the famous, very successful zen-basketball coach Phil Jackson.  He was promoting his new book and he likes to boil down complex topics to their essentials.  A kindred spirit, perhaps.

So, Mr. Jackson says his straightforward coaching philosophy is “follow the ball and find the open man.”

His words struck me as a profound, elegant primer on life, and not just because I was hazy, doing one of my o-dark-thirty runs up the I17. This is good stuff.

Making images of the natural word which evoke emotion, that’s “the ball,” the goal, the passion.  Obvious, yes?

The “open man” seems to me to be the most natural and flowing path, the graceful way forward.   It’s not so obvious.   Perhaps it’s the work of a lifetime to figure this one out.  That sounds great to me.

Enough philosophy.
Lupines and Fern, West Fork
The summer light in Sedona was spectacular.  I hope you enjoy seeing it through my eyes.
Red Canyon Sunset
I might have glimpsed the open man.

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  1. What beautiful photographs! You have extreme talent and great perception. My wife and I will be in Flagstaff in September photographing as well. Please check out our blog at and let us learn from your valued experience. Have a truly blessed day and week.

    1. Thanks John, and thanks for sharing your lovely work.